Welcome to the ZooKidzTM Website!  This is a place to have fun, learn about animals and find out what you can do to help save, protect and care for the world’s wonderful wildlife.

Visit ZooKidz.ca often to:

Play - Fun games and puzzles
Learn - About fascinating animals
Share - Ideas and experiences with your parents and friends

ZooKidzTM is more than a web site though, it’s a NEW way of thinking about the planet: as a home that we all share: People, Animals and the Environment.  We all need to learn how to live together in harmony.

This site will also help you learn about the ways climate change is affecting wildlife and will show you ways you can try help to make things better! Conservation is all about protecting and managing our natural resources and environment so that they are here for you and future generations to use and enjoy.

We all deserve a happy future on this Great, Green Globe – and ZooKidz will make it happen!

ZooKidz are:

Caring and compassionate toward Animals and the Environment
On the lookout for Knowledge and Fun
One-by-One, saving the planet’s wildlife
Life-long leaders that make a difference

All Kids should be ZooKidz! Are you?